How do I add UPC Codes I purchased from the app to my products?

There are two ways to add UPC Codes you have purchased from UPC Code Manager to your application:

  1. Navigate to Apps --> UPC Code Manager

  2. From the dashboard of the UPC Code Manager application, select the product you want to add codes to

  3. ...if the product has a single variant click on "Add barcodes to 1 variant"

  4. ...if the product has multiple variants, select the variants you want to add UPC Codes to and click on "Add barcodes to __ variants"

  5. You did it!

  1. Navigate to the product you want to add UPC Codes to

  2. Open the "More actions" dropdown

  3. Select "Manage UPC Codes for this product"

  4. ...if the product has a single variant click on "Add barcodes to 1 variant"

  5. ...if the product has multiple variants, select the variants you want to add UPC Codes to and click on "Add barcodes to __ variants"

  6. You did it!

All of my products say "0" barcodes needed, how do I add my purchased UPC Codes to my products?

UPC Code manager will never overwrite the existing Barcode value of a product.

If the barcode field on your products is already populated, most likely by another application, my application will be "blocked" from being able to add a UPC Code to your products.

All of your products will say "0 Barcodes needed"

In order to add a UPC code to that product or product variant, you will need to navigate to your product within Shopify and clear the barcode field.

Here is a video I recorded that shows you how to do that: https://share.getcloudapp.com/qGuXqvqZ

Amazon is rejecting my codes, what should I do?

So far, we have helped hundreds of thousands of products get listed on Amazon, and haven't yet run into an issue.

Reason 1: The "Barcode" field was already filled in for some products, before installing and using UPC Code Manager.

The most common reason why Amazon rejects codes, is actually because they aren't our codes they are rejecting.

The Amazon Sales Channel app expects the UPC to be populated in the "Barcode" field of your products or product variants.

Just because the "Barcode" field is populated inside of Shopify Admin, does not mean that UPC Code Manager populated it.

UPC Codes purchased from UPC Code Manager will always be a 12 or 13 digit number.

9/10 times, Amazon is rejecting codes that were either set manually inside of Shopify Admin, or were set by another app like the Shopify Retail Barcode Labels app.

How to fix it:

  1. Navigate to the product from inside of the main Shopify Admin.

  2. Click on "Edit" for the variant you want to edit.

  3. Delete whatever is in the "Barcode" field and click "Save"

  4. Add UPC Codes like it says on the getting started guide.

Reason 2: Your brand is not registered with Amazon yet.

If you are getting error 5665, it means that your brand has not yet been registered with Amazon.

This error actually has nothing to do with the UPC Codes themselves.

Before you add products to Amazon using your brand as the manufacturer, you need to register your brand with Amazon.

Please create an account at Amazon Brand Registry and follow the instructions to register your brand.

Reason 3: Somebody guessed the UPC Code number and is using it

This is unlikely, however it does happen from time to time. UPC Codes are technically just numbers after all, and that makes it easy for somebody to guess a number.

You can't for example, just grab a can of soda from the fridge and use that soda's UPC Code to get your product listed.

If this happens, Amazon will let you know that this is the reason. Complete the following steps below, and we will look up whether the UPC Code came from us. If it did, we will happily work with you to get it replaced.

Next steps: If the above reasons are not the case

Please submit a support ticket with the following information:

  1. UPC Code/Barcode that is generating the error. Please make sure the code is a 12 digit or 13 digit number.

  2. A screenshot of the error from Amazon. Please take a screenshot of your whole page and include it as an attachment in your email.

  3. The original error code that is being returned from Amazon if there is one.

  4. The variant code for the product that is being rejected.

We will use this information to determine whether the error is being caused by one of our codes, or some other more common reason.

How do I find my Variant ID?

UPC Code Manager uses Variant IDs to log a history of what products or product variants our codes have been applied to.

You can always find the variant ID of a particular product in the URL of the variant.


  1. Navigate to a product.

  2. Scroll to the Variants section of the product page

  3. For the variant you want to lookup, click on "Edit." The variant ID will be the last number in the URL

How much is the monthly subscription cost?

UPC Code Manager is 100% free to use, only pay for the codes you purchase through the app.

UPC Code Manager does not ever charge a recurring amount of money per month.

UPC Code Manager takes advantage of Shopify's Usage Charges pricing feature. When you purchase UPC Codes from the application, the price of your purchase is added to your Shopify invoice, and you are billed at the end of your next Shopify billing cycle.

In order to authorize UPC Code Manager to charge you need to authorize the recurring charge.

This is like starting a bar tab. When you purchase UPC Codes through the application, the price of the codes are added to your open tab, and you are charged at the end of the month.

We set the limit of the maximum amount of money you are able to spend in a given month at $100.

If you need more codes than that, reach out to us, and we can create a bulk order for you.

All about the GS1

Who is GS1?

GS1 is a private company (they are not part of the U.S. government) that issues UPC/EAN codes and keeps a registry of the company names that they sold codes to. They do not update this list when codes are resold to new owners, and as a result, their records contain less than 20% of the names of the current owners of barcodes.

What is the difference between buying from GS1 and buying from you?

For most uses there is no difference between purchasing the codes from us or from GS1, except the cost. With GS1 you will need to pay a fee for the codes and an annual renewal fee – for the first 10 codes this cost is $250 plus $50/year in renewal fees. For 1,000 codes the cost is $2,500 plus $500/year in renewal fees. We charge significantly less!

The codes we sell were issued by GS1 before the requirement of renewal fees so they are not subject to any additional fees. You can use these codes in retail stores or online E-commerce sites like Amazon and Ebay.

Will you register my company on GS1?

No, GS1 is in the business of selling codes and will only change the name if you purchase the codes directly from them. The cost is $250 for the first 10 codes! plus an annual renewal fee. If this is what you want, please let us know and we will issue you a full refund.

Why isn’t your company registered on GS1?

GS1 is in the business of selling codes and will not change the registration. We acquire the codes from the company that GS1 originally issued them to and then sell them to you. You own the codes and there are no annual renewal fees.

Is it legal to purchase codes from a reseller?

Yes, GS1 doesn’t like it, but the reselling of codes is a legal business. Many years ago GS1 tried to stop resellers but they lost in Court. We have been selling on Ebay for 14 years.

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